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You guys told me you wanted a message board for this site, so a message board you shall have! But why have just a message board when you could have a whole community? To chat, discuss, blog, make friends, and connect in amazingly awesome ways with other people under 30 who care about their financial […]

20+ Places to Legally Watch and Download Free TV, Movies, and Documentaries

This was originally a guest post from Karen Schweitzer, who writes about online colleges for Karen has previously contributed to Poorer Than You with the post 15 Places to Find Free Books Online. This post has been updated by the editor as recently as March, 2013 to find you the best places for free, […]

15 Places to Find Free Books Online

The following is a guest post from Karen Schweitzer, who writes reviews of online classes for Finding free stuff online is a great way to save money when you’re in college. Here are 15 places to find free books, audio books, and textbooks online. Books Classic Reader – a great source of classic literary […]

Financial News on Twitter

The following is a guest post from Lewis Bennett, who is interested in anything financial. He writes for a Life Insurance website based in the United Kingdom. Twitter mania is in full force. The micro blogging and social networking site is being used by everyone from President Obama and Britney Spears to the average person […]

I Just Won a Movie Ticket From Blingo

Huzzah! I signed up for Blingo almost two months ago, and finally, I won something! Actually, I didn’t win… but I did. Cause with Blingo, if anyone you referred wins a prize, you win that prize as well. And one of my referrals won a Fandango ticket today, so I won one too! He immediately […]

Join Upromise and Get $2 in Your Account

Being an affliate doesn’t just help me – it helps you guys! I just got an email from Upromise telling me that if any of you join Upromise (using that link) and add a credit or debit card to your account (these cards will never be charged), Upromise will deposit $2 into your new Upromise […]

Pear Budget – Really Friggin Easy Budgeting

After reading on My Money Blog about how easy (and free!) Pear Budget is, I downloaded it and gave it a look-over. I was impressed – because it runs in Excel, the document size is practically nothing. It’s well thought-out, and easy to use. Unfortunately, I could also tell it wasn’t for me. I have […]

WOWIO Update

If it’s possible, I love WOWIO more now than I even did before. As I mentioned in my previous entry, WOWIO is a free service for downloading free ebooks, and they are doing a giveaway where if you refer 10 people to the service, you get a free iPod shuffle. Within five days of receiving […]

Favorite Free Ebooks: WOWIO

In the spirit of saving money, I often chase “free” offers up and down the coastlines. My friends refer to this as “cheap,” but I like to think of it as “nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah, I got a free t-shirt and you didn’t!” Mostly, free stuff isn’t worth the battle, though. But sometimes, you find a gem. WOWIO […]

Use Blingo and Win!

Thanks to 1mil, I found this great thing called Blingo, run by Publisher’s Clearing House. It’s basically just the Google search bar, only when you use it, you have a chance to win some pretty excellent prizes, from Fandango tickets up to $20,000 cash. It even has several plugins to integrate it into your browser […]