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Blog Carnivals: Playing Hostess Next Week Edition

Next week, Poorer Than You will being hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance! Submissions for the 214th edition are open until 5:00pm EDT on Sunday, July 19th. I’ve already picked a theme for this edition – U.S. Presidents! Yes, I know, not all PF blogs are written by people from the States, but you’ll get a better idea of what I have in mind when you see the carnival itself, next week.

Planning to submit? You can help me out, and your blog at the same time, by doing the following: when you fill out the “remarks” section of your submission form, include a comment about which U.S. President you think your post embodies. Is it something Thomas Jefferson would approve of? Does it remind you of Harding’s laissez faire business attitude? Are you taking a second shot at something like Grover Cleveland? Let me know when you submit your entry!

Before we get to ahead of ourselves thinking about next week’s carnival, let’s take a moment to celebrate this week’s! Baker over at Man vs. Debt did a wonderful job of hosting the 213th Carnival of Personal Finance, even though he’s recently moved to New Zealand and is still trying to get settled! As such, the carnival carries a New Zealand theme, and I learned many fun facts about one of the most majestic countries on this planet.

Kelly Oakin’s guest post here on Poorer Than You, Erasing Negative Credit History: 5 Strategies You May Not Have Heard About was included in the New Zealand edition of the carnival. There were many other fantastic submissions – here are a few that I thought you guys might enjoy:

How to Guess a Social Security Number and Get Famous on the Internet – you may have heard some recent news about a study released, showing that Social Security numbers are too easy to guess. Frank at Bad Money Advice digs into this study, and the news surrounding it, to find the real truth about the study.

Getting the Best Car Insurance Rates – if you’re moving out on your own, like me, it might be time to start shopping around for your own car insurance. Wojciech at Fiscal Fizzle has your back, and can help you shop around for the best rates.

The Average Cost of Groceries Per Person: Best Guesses – trying to figure out how much groceries will cost you during your first year on your own, but you’re just not sure how much it will be? Maybe this article from Personal Finance Analyst can help.

Credit Scores Matter More Than You Think – your credit score isn’t just used to determine whether or not you should get a loan! Jim Wang’s guest post on Free From Broke shows you how your credit score could determine whether you get a job, an apartment, a cell phone, and even to determine your rates for insurance!

Has Our Costco Membership Been Worth It? – wondering if a warehouse club membership really saves money? Let Laura from Green Panda Treehouse walk you through her savings.

Don’t forget to tune in next week for the U.S. President’s edition of the carnival!

3 responses to “Blog Carnivals: Playing Hostess Next Week Edition”

  1. Wojciech @ Fiscal Fizzle

    Thank you for the mention, and I’m looking forward to next week’s Carnival.

  2. FFB

    Thanks for the mention! I’ll have to start writing so I can submit to your carnival.

  3. AJ

    I am excited for the carnival. There is also so much great information in one place. It is awesome.

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