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8 Ways to Save Big in the Home Office

This week’s guest post comes from a talented guy named Tom. Like most people Tom spends five days per week working in an office, for an environmentally conscious supplier of cheap printer cartridges specializing in HP toners and ink where saving money and recycling is a mantra. You can read more of his work on […]

Working Through Finances in a Relationship Without Throwing a Punch

This post is part of the one day blog event “The Spectrum of Personal Finance.” In this event, comic book nerd Brian of My Next Buck, will discuss 8 different emotions (taken from the Green Lantern comic series) and relate them to personal finance. Here at Poorer Than You we will be looking at Rage. […]

Can you be sued for credit card debts?

Stephanie is sick! Don’t worry, she’s drinking plenty of fluids and getting lots of rest, and will be back to writing next week. In the mean time, here’s a guest post to hold you over! Michelle Taylor is a financial writer and specializes in debt related problems. She has guided many people to pay off […]

Why You Should Join a Credit Union

The following guest post was contributed by Christine Howell, who frequently writes about Online Finance Degrees and college related topics for Online College Guru, an online college directory and comparison website. Credit unions have been around since the 1840s when a group of weavers in England banded together to form the Rochdale Society of Equitable […]

How to Use Credit Cards Properly and Be a Deadbeat

This is a guest post from Mr Credit Card. He recently had me on his radio show. He is going to write about not to take advantage of credit cards and how not to get abused by them. You could apply for a credit card at this site. I just did a radio interview with […]

Saving Money on Entertainment

This is a guest post from new College Money Network member Studenomist of Studenomics. Enough was mentioned about him the other day so we will just jump right into the post, which is a part of the Back to School Shuffle for a Shuffle. The new college semester is about to start. You have selected […]

20+ Places to Legally Watch and Download Free TV, Movies, and Documentaries

This was originally a guest post from Karen Schweitzer, who writes about online colleges for Karen has previously contributed to Poorer Than You with the post 15 Places to Find Free Books Online. This post has been updated by the editor as recently as March, 2013 to find you the best places for free, […]

How Can I, a Broke Recent Graduate, Start Investing?

This is a guest post by Eric, who keeps a personal finance blog, Narrow Bridge, and an Israel blog, The Israel Situation.  He is a financial analyst and MBA student in Denver, Colorado. When I graduated from college and got my first job, I was excited.  For the first time ever, I would have real […]

Erasing Negative Credit History: 5 Strategies You May Not Have Heard About

Erasing Negative Credit History: 5 Strategies You May Not Have Heard About

Today’s article is a guest post graciously written for the site by Kelly Oakin. About the Author: Kelly Oakin is on a mission to help others get their credit back on track after a setback. She is a staff writer for, a resource that provides your free credit score from the top 3 credit […]