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Student Loans

If You Could Give $25 to Wipe Away $42,526 in Student Loans, Would You?

I have spent the past week wrestling with how to tell this story – and whether or not I should tell this story. It’s certainly related to personal finance, especially my own personal finances. But if I tell it wrong, it comes across as overly political and a plea for money. Awesome! Two things that […]

The Government’s Student Bailout: Federal Loan Changes

 It’s not the billions received by AIG and the car companies, but at least it’s something The following is a guest post by Emily, a 20-something single gal who writes about navigating her way through her finances and the world, at Musings and Ruminations of a Single Gal. Like so many other graduate students, I’m […]

Using ING Sub-Accounts to Save Hundreds on Student Loans

The time has come: May is the first month that my first student loan bill is due. I have three student loan bills, actually, and indentifying them now will make this little tale easier to tell: The first is a Direct Stafford Loan, from the government, consisting of both subsidized and unsubsidized loans. It is […]