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Downsizing: We’re Moving to a Tiny House!

Downsizing: We’re Moving to a Tiny House!

Update: Thanks to everyone who played along, but this was another one of my classic April Fool’s day pranks! Though I love the tiny house movement (especially looking at pictures of them), moving into one isn’t actually in the cards for me at this time. But aside from “actually moving into a tiny home” the […]

Coupons from the Entertainment Book, Act 2

We didn’t get one last year because we were moving from one area to another, but this year, we’re all nice and settled. To put it bluntly, the boyfriend and I are coupon whores. We hate eating somewhere if we don’t have a coupon. Wow, that makes it sound like we’re being cheap. Frankly, we […]

8 Techniques to Boost Your Emergency Fund

Just starting an emergency fund as a part of a New Year’s resolution? Trying to boost an existing one? No worries: the following guest post has you covered with some great tips on how to find a little cash for your “rainy day fund.” In this harsh economic environment, there is hardly a better time […]