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Why You Should Join a Credit Union

The following guest post was contributed by Christine Howell, who frequently writes about Online Finance Degrees and college related topics for Online College Guru, an online college directory and comparison website. Credit unions have been around since the 1840s when a group of weavers in England banded together to form the Rochdale Society of Equitable […]

Credit Card Bills: Auto-Pay from Online Savings

This is a guest post by Joshua Heckathorn, who runs and holds an MBA and B.S. in Finance. Creditnet is a free resource for anyone who wants to learn more about credit and compare hundreds of credit cards online. When Josh isn’t glued to the screen of his Mac, you’re bound to find him […]

Rethinking my Bank Accounts

Rethinking my Bank Accounts

With the addition of an ING Checking account and a free and clear credit card to my banking arsenal, it became clear to me that I needed a different plan of attack for how I’m doing my banking. To show you what I mean, here’s a diagram of how I was doing things: The black […]

Financial Aid Refund – What Do I Do With It?

It’s Student Loan Refund Open Season, and the line at Student Financial Services is about to get pretty long. For college freshman and anyone else who might not know what I’m talking about, Student Loan Refunds occur when you get more money from your financial aid than your school needs for your tuition and other […]

ING Direct Orange Savings and Electric Orange Referrals

ING referrals have moved here: $25 ING Referrals. Sorry about the inconvenience, but it was a bit of a pain to upkeep two pages of referral links!

Back to Basics #3: Checking Accounts

Savings accounts are cool and all, but sometimes, you actually want to be able to exchange your money for goods and services. Checking accounts make this easy to do, by allowing you to fill out a little form, appropriately named a “check,” handing over some of the money in your account to someone else. No […]